San Zeoi Tong


The Leung’s family is one of the most prominent supplier of dried mandarin peels, an essential ingredient to many traditional herbal medications as well as cooking, in China. After over 30 years in business, they aimed to create their own brand, San Zeoi Tong, to meet the increasing demand from the mass market. Our goal was to engage and educate customers through dried mandarin peel’s authenticity, history, and culture.

I teamed up with San Zeoi Tong’s marketing team closely to bring the the brand to life. I’ve covered all the visual area in this project from creating brand identity, shooting images for web and in-store display, designing retail packaging(preliminary), to crafting and building the website.

San Zeoi Tong has recently launched their web and retail store and has been gaining favorable feedbacks about their new image from both customers and distributers. They are planning to open several more retail stores in southern region of China in the coming 2 years.

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