Product Initiave

Localization Pattern Library


Visual Experience Designer


CIAB, Countries in a Box, Audible’s initiative aimed to build a foundation that allows rapid international market deployment. To shorten deployment in new markets over time, we set out to unify the inconsistent experience across all regional platforms. A centralized content-agnostic pattern library that provides reusable modules and templates in production is essential to the exponential growth of the business.


We used data insights and foundational behavioral user research findings to inform the direction of our solution. We wanted to ensure the proposed solution addresses usability issues and discrepancies across regions. We also aimed to create a way to deliver an adequate visual voice for all regional users while serving their unique experience needs. 

Multi-Platform Ready

It’s crucial to offer customers a seamless content discovery and consuming experience across devices and platforms. CIAB offers Audible users a cohesive experience from the responsive web, to its mobile apps(iOS & Android), to content purchases on

Design System Integrated

Since CIAB was built from scratch, we were able to corner many legacy design/tech debts. We were tasked to pilot atomic-level components from our new design system to bring a much improved audio-consuming experience to our users. Throughout our implementation, we kept validating and identifying shortcomings of new components and worked closely with the design system team to pave the way for broader adoption in the future.

Modular Design That Scales

We designed and built a library of reusable modules that can be easily stacked up or quickly reiterated to accommodate future design needs.  


Audible Italy has successfully adopted CIAB and was launched with more than 7,000 titles in late 2015. Following international deployments have been continuously built based on the CIAB framework.